Joe Reusser Photography: Blog en-us (C) Joe Reusser Photography (Joe Reusser Photography) Sun, 08 Jan 2023 21:39:00 GMT Sun, 08 Jan 2023 21:39:00 GMT Joe Reusser Photography: Blog 90 120 Photo Trip to the Alabama Hills A couple of weeks ago we took a photographic trip to the southern Sierra Nevada to take in the Alabama Hills, Whitney Portal, The Cerro Gordo Mine , the town of Darwin and the Ancient Bristlecone forest. Although we had been to the Alabama HIlls and Whitney Portal to hike and photograph, we had never been to the other places, so it was a new experience to go to new places. The trip was organized by the Viewpoint Photographic Gallery in Sacramento. Over the course of a week and under the guidance of Chuck Farmer from Viewpoint, we spent a day photographing at each of the locations. It was a challenging experience to photograph on bright clear days at altitudes ranging from 4000 feet in the Alabama Hills to over 11,000 up in the Ancient Bristlecone forest in the White mountains. We made the best of it and I think everyone who was on the trip got something of value from it. Here is a sampling of the work and for the rest of the trip see my New Work Gallery.




Assayers crucibles-Cerro GordoAssayers crucibles-Cerro Gordo





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