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Photos are from various locations in Inyo County, California, and the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, including the Alabama Hills, the town of Darwin, Cerro Gordo Mine, Whitney Portal, and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest
In the Alabama HillsMt WhitneySmall Waterfall- Lone Pine CreekStream-side vegetation-Lone Pine CreekAlabama Hills-Beautifull RocksFace of DarwinBottles and Window-Cerro GordoExplosives-Cerro GordoKnow When to Fold-em-Cerro GordoPot-belly Stove-Cerro GordoAssayers crucibles-Cerro GordoSet-em Up-Cerro GordoAncient Trees-Patriarch GroveSkeleton Tree- Patriarch GroveAncient Bristlecone-Patriarch Grove